Thursday, May 24, 2012


Amen. I don’t know who said that but it’s so true. After all these months of pouring out my heart, revealing the seriously dysfunctional workings of my psyche I have only three… yes that’s right 3 official followers. And one of them is my cousin.  Yeah, I know relatives counts too but still...

Sometimes I’m embarrassed by the narcissism of the whole blog thing. I have such an inflated opinion of myself (inflated is saying it mildly overblown is more like it) to think everyone I know or have ever known for that matter should drop whatever they are doing and read the latest ramblings, rants and remembrances I’ve written about in this week’s post. 

Let me tell ya… It’s time consuming. I’ve spent hours writing and rewriting a single page just to toss it in the trash bin, say to myself I’m quitting. I’m delusional. Who’d care if I did anyway?

But just about the time I think what I have to say is a useless bunch of dribble I get a comment, an email or text, from a regular reader I didn’t even know was following me…

Telling me what I said made them lol, gave them some insight, cause them to be angry or flat out “disappointed” in me.

That’s when… all the time it takes to write, all the frustration of not being able to express myself adequately and the anxious waiting will anyone find value… is all worth it.

  “Progress is impossible without Change and those who cannot
Change their minds cannot Change"    George Barnard Shaw

A few weeks ago at a Parade of Lights Christmas party an old acquaintance I haven’t seen in a while asked “What are you up to NOW?”

In the past the inflection those people, who haven’t kept up with my latest adventures, use when they say “NOW” pissed me off. Like somehow strangely there is something wrong with me because I’ve change my mind.

"Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living."    Anais Nin, a Cuban-French writer

And Ok yes you could also say one week I whole heartedly believe in this and the next week I’ll probably believe in that.

Or Now, I’m selling the latest weight loss supplement and next time you ask I’m selling an incredibly over priced must-have skincare product.  

Ya’ there was that time, Ok, OK, those times, I just knew I could make a million dollars in a sure fire money making multi-level business opportunity but it didn’t pan out. Ok, alright… I gave up on it… So what...what’s wrong with changing your mind.

To those who don’t keep up my life might seem like a roller coaster but one thing I NOW know for sure… I’ve learned to LOVE THE RIDE.

Thanks for listening

Love, Susann

enjoy the ride

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