Friday, December 9, 2011

Finding Life’s Wisdom in the Oddest Places
I just noticed… is it just me or does the cap W and O in this blog title seem disproportionate in size to the other capitol letters?  Fascinating!

I not sure if I am actually a fan of Dr. Wayne Dryer or not. Truthfully I think I’ve got sort of a love / hate relationship going on with this man.

Even so I own almost all of his audio books and compulsive obsessively listen to whichever one is the latest craze. Still…

I make all kinds of excuses not to read: I’m a slow reader or I fall asleep after a page or two or my mind wonders so frequently that I have to re-read the same chapter about a million times. But the truth is I prefer listening on my IPod to a book being read TO me.

If I do read a book I seldom finish … I like the set-up part OK but by the time I reach the meat of the story I’m bored to tears. But give me an audio book and I can listen enthralled for days on end.

Sounds carzy probably but I imagine Dr. Dyer is reading to me personally while I do the laundry, grocery shop, clean the house, cook dinner or when I can’t sleep at night.

Even though he said on his audio book entitled “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao” that his teaching doesn’t come from his EGO sometimes it kind-a-sounds like it does. Hence the love / hate relationship.

On those not so rare occasions when he seems full of himself I want to toss the whole lot in the trash. If you’re at all familiar with his writing you probably already know what I’m talking about.    

Remember that time he thought he was the reincarnation of Saint Frances of Assisi. OMG come on give me a break. Ever notice how people always think they were somebody famous?

Who know though he could have been Saint Frances I guess. Who am I to say otherwise? I think I was a Head-Housemaid in a past life.

Oh wait a minute… I’m a head-house-maid in this life time or at least at times I feel like one… but that’s another story for another time.

Speaking of being the maid… I know absolutely for a fact I have learned everything I will ever need to know about being a chief cook and bottle washer. I’m ready for a new gig!

Seriously, anybody know of anyone who needs the services of a middle aged … amazingly talented beautiful blond? Lol,


Attempting to live The Way (Tao), as Dr. Dyer instructs us to do in his book, has helped me slow down, be present more often and watch for the wisdom found in all things.

So… the other night I was watching “Dexter” on cable with my husband. Yes I know Dexter is a disturbing blood ‘n’ guts television series and watching that sort of thing is probably not a Tao-ish kind of thing to do. In fact I’m quite positive it isn’t. But what do ya’ do? I love my husband and he loves Dexter so, there it is. Ah who am I kidding I like Dexter too or I wouldn’t watch.

Anyway Debra, Dexter’s foul mouthed sister, is in therapy after a shooting incident at a nightclub (did I mention she’s also a cop) and she’s franticly complaining to a female police psychologist about how Dexter is emotionally closed off, non communicative and basically not f#@king there for her during times of trial.

The therapist stops Debra in the middle of her tirade and asks “has Dexter always treated you like this?” Hell yah, always, Debra snapped back!

Responding to Debra’s anger outburst the psychologist used a metaphor I thought was brilliant “From what you’ve said its obvious Dexter is a chair and clearly you are upset and blame him for not being a table.”

Does that sum things up the pretty police psychologist asked? Noooah, Debra heatedly retorted thinking the she hadn’t heard GD thing she’d been saying.

When suddenly Debra gasped, like a light bulb had just switched on in her head, f#@k me… you’re right Dexter is a chair what I need is a f#@king table! (Don’t blame me that’s what she said I’m not f#@king making this sh!t up) lol.

As for ME that simple metaphor exemplified something Oprah had said on her show a few weeks ago “through how a man treats you… he tells you who he is… BELIEVE IT.”

In other words don’t be shocked, hurt or act surprised when a chair turns out to be a chair… Unless he lies like a rug… in that case he’s a rug… wipe the dust off your feet and move on.

Thanks for listening… until next time
Love, Susann

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