Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Abraham or Abra-scam you be the judge

Hello Friends…Can you believe it’s been 2 years since you’ve last heard for me…

I know we are all way too busy these days so this year I’m tryin’ out a new format. Each week I’ll write a quick little tasty tidbit that you can easily read in about 5 minutes or less. 

Also this year I’m inviting you to join in on the conversation by leaving a comment, asking me a question, making a statement of your own or just say hi I’m here I’m listening.

[For friends joining me for the first time I feel I must prepare you… I write the way I talk. I don’t worry much about proper punctuation or mistakes in grammar.

Some people say I’m a natural born storyteller. I don’t know about that but I do have Gemini on the med-heaven. I like to use dot, dot, dot for emphasis, and most of my sentences do tend to be a little bit run-off-at-the-mouth.

But hey who cares. Like an old toothless friend of the family named LD Smith once said… I’m just entertainin’ myself by tellin’ you a story.

Read it or don’t, enjoy it or not, comment if you wish but whatever you do for heaven sakes please don’t go leaving me a little note like a 5th grade elementary school teacher correcting my paper. I’ve got a genius sister with an M.Ed that thinks that’s her purpose in life. Just kidding Ruby I love you.]

 Are you ready, the clocks ticking…

Usually when I run into an old friend I haven’t seen in awhile, knowing full well I’m always up to something new, they often ask… What are you up to now?

With a particular intonation on the word “now” like somehow there is something wrong with me that I’m not doing the same old thing I was doin’ the last time we spoke.

Well, let me just put that crap to rest once and for all… Thankfully I’ve got attention deficit and truthfully I’d rather be ashes on a mantel than to be stuck doin the same old things.

SO, given we haven’t spoken in a long time…go ahead ask me… I know you’re curious…why else would you be reading this blog, go ahead ask me… What are you up to now?
Well thanks for asking. I first wrote this story more than a year ago but I think it’s a good place to start. It will help bring you up to speed on what I’m up to now. You’ll understand why later on.

Abraham or Abra-scam

Recently, I’ve been completely absorbed in listening to the lectures of a collective non-physical source-energy called Abraham.

I’m serious you heard me right “a collective non-physical source-energy.” If you are smirking I don’t blame you I sneered too the first time I heard of them.  

Abraham’s dictations are verbalized by a women name Ester Hicks. I use the word “them” earlier because Ester says she is just the medium thru which “they” speak.
Just so you know Abraham has tens of thousands of followers on YouTube and their books are published by Hay House.

I’m wondering where were all of those videos when I was searching the web back in 2012 for the warning signs of an imminent worldwide financial collapse, keeping up with the latest conspiracy theories or watching the Preppers guide on “How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse 101 for Dummies.”  

Anyway, on to my story but let me start back at the beginning … clocks tickin’

When I first heard about Abraham from a friend… I didn’t say it to her face you understand but I thought to myself… I know she means well but I don’t know if I believe in all that channeling bull-sh!t.

I don’t think some disembodied “ya who” that speaks in some crazy version of Elizabethan English knows any more than I do about what kinds of things matter to me.

Like how to make ends meet on a budget, cook a tasty mock-pot-roast in a slow cooker or get my husband to pay attention to me when he come home cranky from work.

And I sure as heck don’t believe some alien from another planet not even one from the Pleiades has anything more to teach me that I don’t already know myself.

I mean really if I don’t already know it chances are I don’t yet know I want to learn it. How can I know what I don’t know I don’t know? 

But the cherry on the top of all that arrogance was when I first saw Ester’s husband, Jerry Hicks I thought OMG, this man looks like some version of an old timey snake oil salesmen.

You know like back in the 19th century a man would pull his wagon from town to town and use his charm to prey on gullible suckers in order to sell his bottles of “Doctor Feel Good” medicine. 

AND from the looks of their 70 foot, custom built million dollar Rock Star motor coach business for Ester and Jerry Hicks must be booming.

But I was intrigued by the thought of how an entity called Abraham who has attracted a following of thousands of people could in fact be some sort of scam-artist.

Then when I heard that Dr. Wayne Dyer and Oprah Winfrey ask questions of Abraham I decided it might be best if I tried to keep an open mind, suspended all my rash judgments for the time being anyway and watch a few videos.

Beside it was a friend who first mentioned Abraham to me she might ask if I have had a chance to check them out. What am I suppose to say “no I think only suckers fall for that kind of stuff.”

So I watched one… and then another… and another. I couldn’t stop watching. I hate to admit it… but in no time I was hooked. Hooked line and suckered.

Yeah, turns out I am as gullible as those thousands of attendees who have paid $295 for a one day seminar hoping to get a chance to sit in the hot seat and personally ask questions of Abraham.

Not to mention the multitude of people from all over the world who have bought the hundreds of thousands of books, CDs and videos that have been sold over the past 25 years.

OK, I know it sounds crazy excuse me I mean hard to believe but as I lay there night after night on the sofa, computer on my lap, ear-buds in my ears, listening to videos I began to feel as if Abraham was speaking directly to me… answering my questions… addressing my concerns… encouraging me to “get into the Vortex” whatever that means.

I didn’t care if Ester was reciting dictations given to her by collective non-physical source energy,” channeling a flock of chicken in a hen house or just making it all up. The wisdom coming from Abraham seemed to me to be mind altering stuff!

Ok, Ok, in case you are wondering what if anything was the benefit of me wasting all that time listening to a woman I thought might be a scam-artist.

Well let me tell you after all you have spent the last 5 minutes listenin’ to my story… here goes…

How I cannot say but the dissatisfaction with the hand I felt I had been dealt miraculously disappeared and in its place came a deep heartfelt gratitude for the life I’ve been given…

So, does Ester Hicks speak for Abraham or is it all just Abra-scam. You tell me… watch a couple of videos and judge for yourself.

Well, my times up…  

I hope to see ya next week for another episode of… what I’m up to now.

Love ya, Susann

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