Monday, November 14, 2011

How cool is that, huh?

Oprah says (don’t you think it incredible I say Oprah and instantly we all know who I’m talking about) Anyway on her new show on OWN each week Oprah says  “One thing I know for sure.”

Well… one cool thing I know for sure about life is… drum roll please… if I am willing to give up my memories of the past I can at any moment have “a do over.” Well maybe not exactly a do over but certainly “a start again.” How cool is that, huh?

Over these past few months I’ve learned life is my own unique experience. Never mind what anyone else is thinking, never mind what anyone else is saying or doing it's my life and it is my god given right to live it as I see it.

I use the small g for god because as I see it god is just a name we humans have given “the all that is.” But I know of no other name to call it plus writing “the all that is” every time I want to mention it would get tedious after a while. 

Anyway, Oprah also says on her new show “when you know better you do better.” If I looked back over my life I could spend hours and hours regretting this and ashamed of that, wishing something hadn’t happened or praying that something else would… like winning the Lotto.

I could live in a fantasy, being delusional, dissatisfied and frustrated. Or I could say to myself... now I know better… now I can do better… I can look at my life squarely in the face and accept what I have created.

Because it is what it is and cannot be otherwise. Everything, all of creation has come together in this very moment to fashion my life experience just for me.  Wow, how cool is that, huh?

The very first thing I gave up is my disappointment. What a waste of mind. I brought everything I experience into existence so why be disappointed.

The second thing I gave up is being unhappy. You’d think that would have been the first emotion to give up but being unhappy with my creation was the main "poor me" story I told myself. So it took me some time to let go and be happy.

But when I did a miraculous thing happened… really a downright Miracle happened. I became satisfied. Yes satisfied!!! It reminds me of the Old Testament story. In Genesis… the bible says... on the seventh day God was satisfied with his creation and rested. 

Well, like god when I decided to be happy no matter what I became satisfied with all that I had created. No more annexing about what I did or didn’t have, no more worrying, blaming, or waiting for something else.

Wow, all I gotta' say about that is... How cool is that, huh?

Thanks for listenin’ … until next time… Love ya, Sus

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Anonymous said...

V ery cool,thankyou for your insights