Friday, February 25, 2011

You know, sometimes you’ve just got ‘a say… What’s That?
A couple of days ago I got an e mail advertisement from the Toy’s R Us stores offering a buy any 1 Fisher-Price toy priced at $ 24.99 and get another toy for the same price FREE. (Note: for-the-same-price is the key word here) It sounded like a good deal… since I have three great grandsons now.
After searching all over the giant super-store for sales associate (which I never found by the way) I happened to stumble on the aisle of Fisher Price toys for toddlers.
Well, to my surprise there was only one toy on both sides of the aisle priced at $24.99…. yes, you heard me right… 1 toy! And it was for a girl. Oh, excuse me I probably need to rephrase that… it seemed to me to be gender specific.
I could be wrong though. I’m a bit old school and more than likely set in my ways of thinking. If a pink baby doll stroller is suitable for little boys these days then who am I to say anything different?
Whatever, that’s not the point. The point is… how can I buy 1 toy for $24.99 and get another toy for-the-same-price FREE… if there is only one toy on the shelf for that price… What’s that?
Part Due… or never go to the phone store when you need a cup of coffee!
After lunch with my Thursday Friends… ah, on Thursday I had to make a quick stop at the Verizon Store to pick up a new battery for my cellular phone.
Did you know they ask for your name and phone number now the minute you step in the door? Yes, they enter your information into a computer right there on the spot practically before you have a chance to get all the way inside the store.
My eyes had hardly adjusted to the change in light before a young man approached me. I was startled at first. It’s been years since I’ve actually gone into a phone store.
May I have you name and phone number he said with a big smile that reminded me of Robbie the Robot. You remember Robbie don’t ya? Oh well, movin on…
For a second I thought it might actually be funny to give the young man my home phone number. I’m ornery enough to do something like that but I was feeling a bit out of sorts and all I wanted to do was buy the battery and go on home.
The young man politely said go ahead help yourself look around a tech support associate will be with you in a moment.

After I had a chance to acclimate myself to my surroundings I noticed the store was bustling with customers. All standing at a long bank of computers each being assisted by a twenty something tech support associate as he called 'em.
Hardly a minute had pasted when I heard my name being called. That same young man that stopped me at the door stepped up and directed me to the next available associate.
Hello she said, my name is Mandy, with that same robotic smile, how may I assist you today? But before I could get a word out about why I came into the store Mandy stopped me and insisted I give her “my secret code.” So she could access my account to better serve me she said.
Why do you need to access my account just to sell me a battery? What secret code? What are you talking about I said? Truth is the place felt chaotic and I couldn’t think.
Mandy was unfazed by any of my questions and quickly gave me a clue… it’s numerical she said, all the time smiling. What good training I thought to myself. Numerical huh… oh yeah I remember now.
Well, thank goodness she was persistent ‘cause I was completely unaware that I have been paying for an extended warranty on my cell phone for 2 years.
If you order it today you can not only get that new battery but you can get a brand new up-graded Blackberry Smart Phone absolutely FREE she proudly announced. Sounding like Bob Barker telling me that I’d just won an all expense paid trip for two to the Bahamas.
It was all happening so fast I was too confused to think. Yeah, sure, I guess…. it's free huh... go ahead order it… I said.
It wasn’t until after I’d stopped next door to get a coffee at Starbucks that I had a chance to think about what had just happened… wait a minute... I want an IPhone.

I’ve been waiting for years for Verizon to get the IPhone. Now they finally have it. My old 2 year contract has ended. I’m due for an upgrade. I’ve even got an extra thirty dollar discount coming when I buy one.

I’ve never been happy with my Blackberry and now I’ve ordered another one. What just happened?

Let me see… I’ve been paying $7.99 a month for two years… that’s $191.76 damn… can it really be that much. Let me calculate that again. Yeah, it’s right! Free, what’s so free about that?
Darn it all, I guess I shouldn't complain it was sort of free. Yeah, sort of free... BUT IT'S STILL A BLACKBERRY… I want an IPhone... What’s that?
Hurry call 911
I lost my place let me see what was I talking about oh yeah; it was so noisy and chaotic in there I couldn’t think… it was disconcerting. It seems I’ve been feeling like that a lot lately.
Jim was so concerned he almost called an ambulance one Saturday thinking I was having a heart attack or something worse he said. I asked what in the world could be worse than having a heart attack?
A stroke maybe I guess… or both… knock-on-wood… cross-my-heart and hope not to die. Whatever, less, I digress…

After the phone store incident I thought maybe he’s right maybe there is something wrong with me. Is my sugar dropping too low? Is my blood pressure rising too high? Should I be eating more protein? Add more fats to my diet? Do I really need to eat some cooked food as my friends suggest?
You know when I ate crap and felt like sh!t all the time no one ever said a word. When I was puffy, bloated and 30 pounds overweight nobody, not nobody questioned… was I eating a balanced diet.
Anyway, a really good friend of mine who happens to be a Holistic Doctor (that’s him over thereß) said… “Susie, you have a little bit of information about heart disease and a lot of imagination”… don’t worry, I’d stake my life on it you’re not having a heart attack… you mean I said you’d stake my life on it.  
He’s right I know I over dramatize everything. I’m just gon’na stop worrying about whether I can or cannot think. Or if I’m going to die from malnutrition and start putting my focus on the many positive changes that are happening as a result of my raw food diet.
For one thing and the most obvious I guess I’ve lost over 16 pounds. It’s easier to breathe probably because I lost the fat from around my middle. My scene of smell has improved. Eating a raw diet cleanses your palate so I can actually appreciate the taste of food. Let’s see what else…  
Oh, yeah …when I stop jabbering to myself, griping about something, or beating myself up over some mistake I made or something I said, and actually pay attention to my inner space… I feel a serene.
Here’s the deal… I can think when I really need to think if not… oh well... I’m sure someone will tell me if some un-godly pledge is about to befall us and we’d all better run ‘n’ hide under the covers.
Oh, I almost forgot about the crackers!
A reader said she couldn’t wait to hear why I make seed snack crackers in the bathroom. I promised her I would tell the story this week and she would probably kill me if I didn’t.
First let me say I believe there is nothing wrong with un-cooking food in the bathroom. I keep my bathrooms clean besides the toy-tee is in a separate water-closet.
Actually, truth is it’s just a matter of aesthetics really. My Excalibur dehydrator is 19” X 17” X 12” so you see basically it’s a large black box… to me it’s a little bit unsightly for my beautiful kitchen.  
Besides I’ve got a blender, a juicer, a food processer, a toaster oven, a coffee espresso maker, a large cutting board and my Kangen Water filter on the counter already. (I really need to tell you about my Kangen Water filter next time. It's an amazing machine)
Oh, I almost forgot this one important detail, the crackers have to be dehydrated for 24 hours straight and the dehydrator fan is a little too noisy for Jim. He doesn’t like it running while he is watching TV in the evening. Truthfully, I don’t like the constant humming during the day either.
In the evening that I might listen to a bit of Eckhart Tolle, play some tunes on my IPod, or watch a few television shows or a movie with Jim. But during the day I like the apartment quiet. I don’t play music and I certainly don’t watch television.
So, you see it only makes since to put the dehydrator in the bathroom, no body uses that bathroom anyway. I can turn on the exhaust fan shut the door and no more noise… Voila, I’m brilliant, huh?
To be continues…
Next week… Monetization, Kangen water, and mixing it up with “Fuzzy Wuzzy Rabbit Balls”
Thanks for listening… sincerely, I Love you all… until next time… Susann
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